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   Dateilicious Philosophy   

The "I" in Date - I - Licious stands for Information.

The Dateilicious philosophy is that everyone should be able to have access to the information and knowledge to help them find what makes them happy in life.

As a registered user of Dateilicious you may:
Upload articles,
comment on articles,
rank articles,
rank the comments of other users on articles,
mark articles and comments as off topic.
nominate articles for the "Best Of" category.

More advanced users may associate categories with articles.

The more highly ranked an article is the longer it will stay in our database.
An article that is ranked high enough or that gets voted to be "Permanent" will be archived for permanent viewing.
Typically articles that are in the definitions category are permanent.
Users with high levels of activity are displayed as our top users. Posting articles is the most "active" thing a user can do.
After that, all actions (except reading articles) count towards how highly you are ranked.
All users may display the public portions of the profile of any other user.

Dateilicious is a FREE service. However, should you wish to support us, you may donate money via Paypal to us.
This will allow us the time to work on more features, and to continue to search out the best information available for you.
Even small donations help.
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Off Topic: An article is Off-Topic ONLY if it does not relate to dating, romance or relationships IN ANY WAY.
In other words, articles about car maintenance, or horse breeding ARE off topic.
Please do not mark as Off-Topic articles that have adult content, or talk explicitly about sex, as thats a part of what makes relationships GO, and we want these articles.
Please, DO mark articles as Off-Topic when they are clearly Spam. We do not want to tolerate people that upload blatent spam, and if a user uploads too many articles that are removed as spam, the user themsef will be removed.
Rating Articles or Comments You are only allowed to vote on the ranking of an article or comment one time.
But, never fear, you may change your vote at any time.
All you have to ro is to re-rate the article and it's totals and standing will be immediately updated.
The reason that we do this is so that no one user can click the "rank" button a million times to get an article to scream to the top of the rankings list.

The Dateilicious website has a VERY powerful search feature. You would expect this since our stock in trade is access to information.

Almost all of our pages (including this one) have a search sidebar on the lefthand side of the page.
There are a lot of ways to search and sort the articles in our database.

To start with, anything you select from a drop-down or select box applies to your search.
To make it search, you may either click on a link in any of the boxes or you may click the "go" button at the bottom of the sidebar.
Since we have categories and users and archives of permanent articles, AS WELL AS the ability to only select articles with specific keywords...
It's possible to create searches that are so specific they can find a single article.
Imagine, searching by your favorite feed for articles in the "Dating Advice" category that contain the words "first date" - it's all here for you.

To clear your search and go back to seeing ALL the articles at any time, simply click on the "home" link at the top of the page.

Watch: allows you to stay informed about the action on the site. We do this via the watch function.
You may set a "watch" on any Article, User, or Category on the site (and since the RSS article feeds come in via our robot users, you can watch a feed for new articles by watching thier Username).
When something is watched, we check every night to see if there have been changes to it during the day, and if there are, we will send you an email telling you that things have changed.
If you no longer want to watch an item, simply go to that item (or to watch maintenance on the My Account page), and click the "Don't Watch" button. and the watch will be removed.

There are a few defaults for your account as well. For example, we will always watch an article that you have posted for you. This way, you will hear about it when people comment on it, it's recategorized, if it's made permanent, or if it's removed for being off topic.
You can change your defaults on the "My Account page", and you can always remove a watch.